The ECDA came to us requesting a multi facited website with functionality serving several different audiences:

  • The General Public: The ECDA is an organization not only catering to the needs of its members, but is also keenly sensitive to the community at large. As such it is important to the ECDA to speak to the following public audiences:
    • Educators: Early childhood educators who are not members or not yet members.
    • Families: The parents of PEI children in their early years.
    • Community: Having the support of PEI's communities is essential to the sucess of the ECDA.
    • French: French speaking visitors interested in the Association.
  • ECDA Members: The Early Childhood Educators with paid memberships to the ECDA.

The ECDA needed tools to easily manage news, events, payments, PD hours, registrations, substitute applications, resource loans and more for all of theses audiences, all in one place!

Our Solution:

The ECDA site caters to all of their audience's specific needs:

  • Educators, families, and community sections, each with tailored:
    • content
    • news
    • resources
    • and more!
  • French translations of important sections and functionality
  • Membership application form
  • Members area with:
    • Member News
    • Account Details edit & Membership Renewal
    • Member Events & Event Registration
    • PD Hour Records
    • Resource Access & Loan Requests
    • and more!
  • A Content Management System where the ECDA can:
    • Edit select displayed information such as Introductions, FAQ's, French Content, & More.
    • Create Events, News, Resources, Announcements, & Job postings
    • Manage Members Accounts, Membership & Event Payments, Resource Loans, & Substitute Applications