Monaghan Farms of Kensington, PEI is a grower, dealer and exporter of processing potatoes. With partnerships with Frito Lay Canada/International, West Isle Enterprises and local growers they needed a comprehensive software system that is flexible to the needs of fulfilling orders and tracking shipments. 

Our Solution

Our PATH software for brokers was customized to the requirements of our client's operations, including:

  • PRODUCTION: Our production solution maintains field scouting records for contract growers while simultaneously tracking raw product storage inventory.

  • CUSTOMER ORDERS: We have simplified the recording of customer orders by allowing data entry of containers of potatoes to be shipped, and generating order and purchase documentation. Raw product inventory is automatically adjusted when an order is created.

  • SETTLEMENTS & INVOICING: Invoicing is easy with PATH - our software automatically tracks various costs, rates and prices and generates invoices and/or exports transactions to external accounting software. Our client also uses our Grower Settlement module, used to generate payments to growers for raw product.

  • SHIPPING: The shipping module allows scheduling of orders onto loads, generating all required shipping documentation, and allows tracking of shipments.

  • MANAGEMENT & REPORTING: Administrators and managers are able to set up permissions, define system settings and generate reports. Users are able to subscribe to various system generated alerts.