Van Meekeren Farms, of Lakeville, Nova Scotia is one of Nova Scotia's largest apple importers and exporters. This grower/packer required a software solution to track production, receiving, packing and shipping of apples from their own farm as well as contract growers. Records of raw product inventory in storage rooms, packing multiple items simultaneously on different outlets as well as quality checks at various points during receiving and packing were some of their custom requirements, all which could easily be accommodated within our core PATH system.

Our Solution

Our PATH software for packers was customized to our client's requirements and includes:

  • CUSTOMER ORDERS: We have simplified the recording of customer orders by allowing data entry of orders to be packed and/or shipped, updating packaging inventory, and generating order and purchase documentation.

  • RECEIVING: The receiving module allows our users to receive and grade raw product into receiving storage, track its quality and location, and create lot mixes for packing.

  • PACKAGING: By tracking packaging inventory throughout the system, monitoring quantity-on-hand, and packaging reserved by orders, our solution ensures accurate inventory management.

  • PACKING: Our packing solution enables the user to schedule order items onto packing lines, track its quantity and quality in real-time, produce unit and pallet labels, and monitor finished product inventory. Our software support quality checks on the defects line and of finished product samples.

  • INVOICING: Invoicing is easy with PATH - our software automatically tracks various costs, rates and prices and generates invoices and/or exports transactions to external accounting software.

  • SHIPPING: The shipping module allows scheduling of orders onto loads, generating all required shipping documentation, including cross-border documentation, and allows tracking of shipments.

  • MANAGEMENT & REPORTING: Administrators and managers are able to set up permissions, define system settings and generate reports. Users are able to subscribe to various system generated alerts.